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Belize Summer 2020 Mission

High School Mission Trip

The Belize Community

With a total population of just 300,000 people, Belize is the most sparsely populated country in Central America and among the least densely populated in the world.  While english is the only official language in Belize, the country has attracted thousands of immigrants from neighboring Spanish-speaking countries, leaving it with an eclectic mix of Latin American, Afro-Carribean and Mayan cultures.


Residents live in towns set amid vast expanses of jungle, where we’ll have the opportunity to work alongside fellow believers and community members who will warm our hearts with their dedication and love.


We may go to one of the several different community locations.  Experience Mission works closely with The Family of God Church network.  This network of churches expands throughout the entire country of Belize.  There are many communities within the country who have a need and desire for teams to come. 

Our Team

We have a group of 21 youth and 5 adults partaking in this mission trip.  God will radically change the lives of those going.  In order to get there, they each have to raise $1,500 and with your help, it can happen.  If God leads and you able to help, please find some opportunies below to help them get there.

Youth Auction & Dinner - POSTPONED

Come and enjoy a Street Taco Dinner! We'll also have a youth auction happening. Hire our youth to do any of these jobs around your home or any other jobs you'd like help with.  Tickets will be $15 each for a Street Taco Dinner.  Purchase them at The Connection Center or from your Belize Team Member.

Build Fences
Wood Cutting
Computer Work
Moving Furniture
Moving Gravel
Digging Dirt
Pool Installation
House Cleaning